Google Summer of Code, 2012
Brandon Wiley - Python Pluggable Transports
Feroze Naina - Hidden Service Configuration
Michele OrrĂ¹ - APAF
Ravi Padmala - Stem Improvements and Arm port
vmon - Stegotorus
Google Summer of Code, 2011
Brandon Wiley - Blocking-resistant Transport Evaluation Framework
asn - Pluggable transports
Julien Voisin - Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit
Kamran Khan - GTK+ Frontend and Client Mode Improvements for arm
Max - Custom GDM3 startup menu, aka. tails-greeter
Sathyanarayanan Gunasekaran - GSoC : Orbot + ORLib
Anonym, bertagaz, and intrigeri
Maintainers of The Amnesic Incognito Live System.
Marco Bonetti
Focusing on MobileTor for the iPhone.
Kasimir Gabert
Maintains TorStatus.
Marcia Hofmann and Kevin Bankston
EFF lawyers who helped write the Tor Legal FAQ and tirelessly answers the phone when somebody in the world has a legal question about Tor.
Andreas Jonsson
Works on OS X Tor Browser Bundle sandbox technology.
Fabian Keil
One of the core Privoxy developers, and also a Tor fan. He's the reason Tor and Privoxy still work well together.
Julius Mittenzwei
A lawyer with the CCC in Germany. Coordinates the German Tor community with respect to legal questions and concerns.
Shava Nerad
Our former Development Director. She still works on PR and community relations.
Lasse Øverlier
Writes research papers on Tor: attacks, defenses, and resource management, especially for hidden services.
Nart Villeneuve
Security researcher who works with Jacob on Internet Censorship research.
Ethan Zuckerman
A blogger who has written some interesting tutorials for how, when, and whether to use Tor. He also teaches activists around the world about Tor and related tools.
All our relay operators, people who write research papers about Tor, people who teach others about Tor, etc.