Tor: T-shirt for Contributing

You can get one of these fine Tor T-shirts for contributing to the Tor project. There are three primary ways of contributing:

  1. A large enough ($65+) donation to the Tor Project.
  2. Operate a fast Tor relay that's been running for the past two months: you are eligible if you allow exits to port 80 and you average 250 KBytes/s traffic, or if you're not an exit but you average 500 KBytes/s traffic.
  3. Help out in other ways. Maintain a translation. Write a good support program and get a lot of people to use it. Do research on Tor and anonymity, solve some of our bugs, or establish yourself as a Tor advocate.

The Tor Weather system watches all of the relays. If you have a valid email address (lightly obfuscated is acceptable) in your ContactInfo field, we'll automatically email you when your relay earns you a free t-shirt.

If you get such a mail, or you've done something else cool, email us at with the details. There's no need to include a mailing address yet, you'll receive a link where you can enter your shipping information.

You can choose between the traditional black and our conversation-starting bright green. You can also see the shirts in action — add your own photos there too.

Tor Tip

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