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Date Publication Sujet
2016-08-06 MotherBoard Department of Justice Official Tells Hundred Federal Judges to Use Tor
2016-08-04 Softpedia Tor Project Improves Client Bootstrapping Performance, Linux Security
2016-07-07 http://www.htxt. Make it harder for the gov't to track your #ShutdownZimbabwe2016 messages
2016-07-05 The Inquirer Mozilla ups Firefox privacy ante with Tor injection
2016-07-03 The Guardian Extreme online security measures to protect your digital privacy – a guide
2016-06-28 Selfrando improves Tor Browser security
2016-06-24 The Merkel Selfrando Technique Makes Tor Nearly Invulnerable To De­anonymization Attacks
2016-06-23 Register What do Tor, Tails and Caddy have in common? Mozilla bucks
2016-06-22 Tech Eye Human Rights groups furious about new US warrant law
2016-06-22 ZDNet Tor Project teams up with researchers to toughen up Tor browser
2016-06-21 The Daily Dot Internet­rights groups launch protest over expanded FBI hacking powers
2016-06-16 BBC­Persia Tor developer discusses privacy tools with BBC­Persia
2016-06-02 dna Tor Browser update adds improved HTML5 support and DuckDuckGo search engine
2016-05-31 Softpedia Tor Browser 6.0 Based on Firefox 45­ESR Released with Updated Security Features
2016-05-25 Softpedia Tor to Use Never­Before­Seen Distributed RNG to Generate Truly Random Numbers
2016-05-19 The Merkle Tor Technology Can Bring Much Needed Encryption To Healthcare
2016-05-12 Committee to Protect Journalists How SecureDrop helps CPJ protect journalists
2016-05-12 The Daily Dot How Ugandans can beat government censorship
2016-05-12 The Huffington Post Tor Founder: Your Medical Records Are The Next Big Target For Hackers
2016-05-04 The Mac Observer FBI's TOR, VPN­targeted Warrants Amount to Court Sanctioned Mass Surveillance
2016-05-03 Philly DuckDuckGo donates $25K to privacy­focused Tor Project
2016-04-11 DZone Considering Tor­like Techniques to Protect Your Users
2016-04-08 Cyber Shack Panama Papers, privacy, encryption, and you
2016-04-06 MotherBoard Countries that Use Tor Most Are Either Highly Repressive or Highly Liberal
2016-03-22 ComputerWorld Tor Project says it can quickly catch spying code