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2020-06-09 Tech Radar Chrome's Incognito Mode won't make you anonymous, but there are other options
2020-06-05 ghacks Tor Browser 9.5 is out with major usability improvements
2020-06-03 ZDNet Tor’s latest release makes it easier to find secure onion services
2020-06-02 BleepingComputer Tor Browser 9.5 lets websites promote their Onion addresses
2020-06-02 PC Mag Tor Browser Makes it Easier to Visit Mainstream Websites' .Onion Addresses
2020-06-02 CNet What is Tor? Your guide to using the private browser
2020-04-19 siliconAngle COVID-19 forces Tor Project to lay off a third of its staff
2020-04-06 Economic Times 11 rules to ensure cyber security when you work from home
2020-04-05 Decrypt Tor reports 20% of individual donations come via crypto
2020-03-21 The Verge How to use the Tor Browser’s tools to protect your privacy
2020-03-03 Bitcoin Magazine Privacy Isn't Radical
2020-02-24 Computer World 8 etapas para ser (quase) completamente anônimo online
2020-02-21 The Verge How to use the Tor Browser’s tools to protect your privacy
2020-02-11 Bitcoin Magazine 2020 Bitcoin Adoption: Why Nonprofits Will Lead the Way
2020-02-04 TechRound Interview with The Tor Project
2020-01-15 Express Google pressured to tackle this hugely irritating Android problem
2020-01-09 ZDNet 50+ orgs ask Google to take a stance against Android bloatware
2019-10-28 CNet These watchdogs track secret online censorship across the globe
2019-10-25 Version2 Fungerer TorBrowser som primær browser?
2019-10-24 NPR BBC Launches Tor Mirror Site To Thwart Media Censorship
2019-10-24 Gizmodo BBC News Launches Tor Mirror Site
2019-10-17 ZDNet Tor Snowflake turns your browser into a proxy for users in censored countries
2019-10-10 Version2 Tor-projektet blacklister 13,5 procent af deres nuværende servere
2019-10-08 VICE 36 Civil Rights Groups Demand End to Amazon’s Partnerships with Police
2019-10-08 TechCrunch Over 30 civil rights group demand an end to Amazon Ring's police partnerships