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2020-12-31 ExpressVPN Why more apps should integrate Tor
2020-12-18 Mashable All the privacy apps you should have downloaded in 2020
2020-11-27 Motherboard The Motherboard Guide to Avoiding State Surveillance
2020-11-20 Vice Incognito Mode' Is Actually Pretty Useless
2020-11-04 SoftPedia News Tor Browser for Android Receives Major Update, Now Based on Firefox
2020-11-03 Times of India Browsing internet 'safely' on Android phones becomes easier with this new app
2020-11-02 Android Police Tor Browser for Android now based on updated Firefox app
2020-10-15 SecureDrop Blog Introducing Onion Names for SecureDrop
2020-10-12 Decrypt Bitcoin's Next Upgrade Will Support Tor V3 Addresses
2020-10-10 ghacks First Tor Browser Alpha for Android based on new Firefox is now available
2020-10-10 Benzinga How Tor Combats Internet Censorship
2020-09-25 TechRadar Tor Browser 10.0 released to offer a more private web experience
2020-09-23 BleepingComputer Tor Browser 10 released to sync with latest Firefox ESR version
2020-09-08 Global Voices We made the largest Mexican telecommunications operator stop blocking secure internet
2020-08-31 CoinDesk Tor Project Launches Membership Program to Boost Agility, Funds
2020-08-19 Freedom of the Press An in-depth guide to choosing a web browser
2020-08-18 Global Voices Así logramos que el más grande operador de telecomunicaciones mexicano dejara de bloquear la internet segura
2020-08-12 Decrypt Tor and Psiphon activity surges in protest-stricken Belarus
2020-06-11 The Daily Swig Tor security: Everything you need to know about the anonymity network
2020-06-09 Tech Radar Chrome's Incognito Mode won't make you anonymous, but there are other options
2020-06-05 ghacks Tor Browser 9.5 is out with major usability improvements
2020-06-03 ZDNet Tor’s latest release makes it easier to find secure onion services
2020-06-02 BleepingComputer Tor Browser 9.5 lets websites promote their Onion addresses
2020-06-02 PC Mag Tor Browser Makes it Easier to Visit Mainstream Websites' .Onion Addresses
2020-06-02 CNet What is Tor? Your guide to using the private browser
2020-04-19 siliconAngle COVID-19 forces Tor Project to lay off a third of its staff
2020-04-06 Economic Times 11 rules to ensure cyber security when you work from home
2020-04-05 Decrypt Tor reports 20% of individual donations come via crypto
2020-03-21 The Verge How to use the Tor Browser’s tools to protect your privacy
2020-03-03 Bitcoin Magazine Privacy Isn't Radical
2020-02-24 Computer World 8 etapas para ser (quase) completamente anônimo online
2020-02-21 The Verge How to use the Tor Browser’s tools to protect your privacy
2020-02-17 Deutsche Welle Tor, Psiphon, Signal and Co.: How to move unrecognized on the internet
2020-02-11 Bitcoin Magazine 2020 Bitcoin Adoption: Why Nonprofits Will Lead the Way
2020-02-04 TechRound Interview with The Tor Project
2020-01-15 Express Google pressured to tackle this hugely irritating Android problem
2020-01-09 ZDNet 50+ orgs ask Google to take a stance against Android bloatware
2019-10-28 CNet These watchdogs track secret online censorship across the globe
2019-10-25 Version2 Fungerer TorBrowser som primær browser?
2019-10-24 NPR BBC Launches Tor Mirror Site To Thwart Media Censorship
2019-10-24 Gizmodo BBC News Launches Tor Mirror Site
2019-10-17 ZDNet Tor Snowflake turns your browser into a proxy for users in censored countries
2019-10-10 Version2 Tor-projektet blacklister 13,5 procent af deres nuværende servere
2019-10-08 VICE 36 Civil Rights Groups Demand End to Amazon’s Partnerships with Police
2019-10-08 TechCrunch Over 30 civil rights group demand an end to Amazon Ring's police partnerships
2019-10-04 CDT Open Letter: Facebook's End to End Encryption Plans
2019-08-19 Lifehacker The Best Web Browsers For Privacy And Security
2019-07-06 WIRED UK It's time you ditched Chrome for a privacy-first web browser
2019-07-02 The Daily Dot How cryptocurrency has become a force in philanthropy
2019-06-16 Wired It's Time to Switch to a Privacy Browser
2019-05-30 CyberScoop Tech giants say UK spy agency's encryption proposal is threat to security and human rights
2019-05-29 ZDNet First official version of Tor Browser for Android released on the Play Store
2019-05-24 ZDNet Cyber security 101: Protect your privacy from hackers, spies, and the government
2019-05-13 PCMag China Blocks Access to All Language Editions of Wikipedia
2019-05-13 NYPost China Blocks Access to All Language Editions of Wikipedia
2019-05-09 Tech Republic How to use the Tor browser on an Android device
2019-05-09 ZDNet Mozilla offers research grant for a way to embed Tor inside Firefox
2019-04-24 Mozilla In Defense of Anonymity
2019-04-19 Fast Company Incognito mode won't keep your browsing private. Do this instead.
2019-03-22 CoinDesk You Can Now Donate to the Tor Project in 9 Different Cryptocurrencies
2019-03-19 Fast Company I protected my privacy by ditching Chrome
2019-02-11 Equal Times Undertaking the crucial task of bringing cryptography to activists
2019-02-07 Gizmodo I blocked the big tech giants from my life
2019-01-11 TechCrunch Tor pulls in record donations as it lessens reliance on US government grants
2019-01-01 Wired Tor Is Easier Than Ever. Time to Give It a Try
2018-12-18 BoingBoing Charitable Giving Guide 2018
2018-12-10 CyberScoop "With new director, Tor seeks new funding sources and international growth"
2018-12-10 ZDNet Half of the Tor Project's funding now comes from the private sector
2018-11-02 Motherboard Old School 'Sniffing' Attacks Can Still Reveal Your Browsing History
2018-10-24 TechCrunch Mozilla is matching all donations to the Tor Project
2018-10-23 ZDNet Advertisers can track users across the Internet via TLS Session Resumption
2018-10-09 Fossbytes 10 Best Google Chrome Alternatives | Most Private Web Browsers In 2018
2018-09-16 Popular Science Ditch your phone's built-in web browser for these seven alternatives
2018-09-14 Lifehacker Australia What You Need to Know About Tor Browser
2018-09-10 Version2 Anonym Tor Browser er - næsten - klar til Android
2018-09-10 ThreatPost Tor Brings Browser to Android Devices
2018-09-08 Gizmodo The Tor Web Browser Officially Lands on Android in Alpha
2018-09-07 VentureBeat Tor gets its first official mobile browser
2018-09-07 CyberScoop Tor launches official anonymous Android browser
2018-09-07 TechCrunch Tor Project launches official mobile browser for Android
2018-09-06 ZDNet Tor Browser gets a redesign
2018-09-05 Irish Times Chrome lost its shine? Five alternative browsers to try
2018-09-05 Ghacks Tor Browser 8.0 is a big update
2018-09-05 VentureBeat Tor Browser 8.0 Released: New Onboarding Experience & Optimized Bridge Fetching
2018-07-23 Motherboard What Went Wrong at the HOPE Hacking Conference?
2018-07-17 CyberScoop Lawmakers call on Amazon and Google to reconsider ban on domain fronting
2018-07-09 Tech Republic Top 5: Ways to protect your privacy
2018-07-02 Mada Masr Report: Internet censorship has become a "more pervasive" in past year
2018-06-28 CNET Brave advances browser privacy with Tor-powered tabs
2018-06-27 ZDNet Venezuela ramps up censorship
2018-06-26 VICE Venezuela just took a huge step towards controlling all access to the Internet
2018-06-18 FossBytes Tor Browser 8.0 arrives with new user onboarding
2018-05-30 ZDNet Technology that changed us: The 2000s, from iPhone to Twitter
2018-05-10 CBC When governments censor websites and block messaging apps like Telegram, here's where to turn for proof
2018-05-08 Techreen Tor Project will transfer to Azure to continue offering domain fronting
2018-05-07 TechRadar How to become anonymous online
2018-05-04 Dark Web news New Tor Project Executive Director
2018-04-20 TechDirt Tools Evading Internet Censorship Regimes
2018-04-19 Version2 Dansk Tor-udvikler: SÌ´dan vil vi gÌüre det lettere at vÌ_re anonym pÌ´ mobilen
2018-04-13 Le Mondes Comment Facebook piste les internautes qui ne sont pas sur le réseau social
2018-04-02 Digital Trends Raise your voice for a good cause
2018-03-19 Mozilla Welcoming 11 New Partners in the Quest for Internet Health
2018-03-15 Tom's Hardware Turkey Blocks ProtonMail E2E Encrypted Email Service
2018-03-13 The Daily Dot The slow creep of internet shutdowns
2018-02-22 The Verge Tor director Shari Steele steps down
2018-02-22 CyberScoop Tor executive director Shari Steele to step down
2018-02-03 WIRED Tor could be the answer to safer connected sex
2018-01-25 International Business Times Tor Browser 7.5 Update Released: What's New?
2018-01-24 Tom's Hardware Tor Browser 7.5 Launches With Support For Next-Gen Onion Services
2018-01-02 Sky News Iranian web crackdown drives surge in privacy technology
2018-01-02 Sky News The number of Iranians using Tor has surged to over 10,000
2017-12-09 WIRED The Grand Tor: How to Go Anonymous Online
2017-11-20 Bleeping Computer Another Tor Browser Feature Makes It Into Firefox: First-Party Isolation
2017-11-15 Motherboard The Motherboard Guide to Not Getting Hacked
2017-10-30 BleepingComputer Firefox Implements Another Privacy-Preserving Feature Taken From the Tor Browser
2017-10-30 NakedSecurity Firefox takes a bite out of the canvas 'super cookie'
2017-10-27 NYTimes The New York Times is Now Available as a Tor Onion Service
2017-09-07 Threatpost Tor Project Brings Security Slider Feature to Android App Orfox
2017-09-05 Extreme Tech Tor Amps Up its Mobile Browser Support
2017-08-30 Motherboard Here Are the 41 Websites You Can't Access in Cuba
2017-08-18 Fast Company The Tor Project won't censor the Daily Stormer - here's why
2017-08-17 CNET Tor Project 'disgusted' by Daily Stormer, defends software ethos
2017-07-29 The Register Dark web doesn't exist
2017-07-20 Venture Beat Tor Project Opens Bug The Tor Project launches its first public bug bounty program through HackerOne
2017-05-19 BestVPN 35+ Best Free Utilities for your Computer
2017-04-25 TechCrunch Funding for the Tor Project reached a record $3.3 million in 2015
2017-02-09 Forbes Tor Project's New Mobile App Alerts You To Internet Surveillance And Censorship
2017-01-17 Macworld Anonymous browsing with Tor reduces exposure
2016-09-19 The Guardian How to contact the Guardian securely
2016-09-16 CNN This African country is taking an unprecedented step in internet censorship
2016-09-10 The Merkle Tor Developers Are Preparing For The Next Generation of Cyberattacks
2016-08-31 ArsTechnica Building a new Tor that can resist next-generation state surveillance
2016-08-26 The Merkle DOJ's Ovie Carroll: “Tor Helps Protect Sensitive User Information”
2016-08-12 BoingBoing Tor Project Social Contract
2016-08-11 The Inquirer Tor creates 'social contract' promising never to harm users
2016-08-10 TechCrunch Tor's new social contract includes ‘no backdoors' pledge
2016-08-06 MotherBoard Department of Justice Official Tells Hundred Federal Judges to Use Tor
2016-08-04 Softpedia Tor Project Improves Client Bootstrapping Performance, Linux Security
2016-07-07 http://www.htxt. Make it harder for the gov't to track your #ShutdownZimbabwe2016 messages
2016-07-05 The Inquirer Mozilla ups Firefox privacy ante with Tor injection
2016-07-03 The Guardian Extreme online security measures to protect your digital privacy – a guide
2016-06-28 Selfrando improves Tor Browser security
2016-06-24 The Merkel Selfrando Technique Makes Tor Nearly Invulnerable To De­anonymization Attacks
2016-06-23 Register What do Tor, Tails and Caddy have in common? Mozilla bucks
2016-06-22 Tech Eye Human Rights groups furious about new US warrant law
2016-06-22 ZDNet Tor Project teams up with researchers to toughen up Tor browser
2016-06-21 The Daily Dot Internet­rights groups launch protest over expanded FBI hacking powers
2016-06-16 BBC­Persia Tor developer discusses privacy tools with BBC­Persia
2016-06-02 dna Tor Browser update adds improved HTML5 support and DuckDuckGo search engine
2016-05-31 Softpedia Tor Browser 6.0 Based on Firefox 45­ESR Released with Updated Security Features
2016-05-25 Softpedia Tor to Use Never­Before­Seen Distributed RNG to Generate Truly Random Numbers
2016-05-19 The Merkle Tor Technology Can Bring Much Needed Encryption To Healthcare
2016-05-12 Committee to Protect Journalists How SecureDrop helps CPJ protect journalists
2016-05-12 The Daily Dot How Ugandans can beat government censorship
2016-05-12 The Huffington Post Tor Founder: Your Medical Records Are The Next Big Target For Hackers
2016-05-04 The Mac Observer FBI's TOR, VPN­targeted Warrants Amount to Court Sanctioned Mass Surveillance
2016-05-03 Philly DuckDuckGo donates $25K to privacy­focused Tor Project
2016-04-11 DZone Considering Tor­like Techniques to Protect Your Users
2016-04-08 Cyber Shack Panama Papers, privacy, encryption, and you
2016-04-06 MotherBoard Countries that Use Tor Most Are Either Highly Repressive or Highly Liberal
2016-03-22 ComputerWorld Tor Project says it can quickly catch spying code
2016-03-22 The Register Tor Project works on anti­FBI defenses amid iOS row with Apple
2016-03-21 Softpedia Like Apple, Tor Devs Would Quit Their Jobs If Ordered to Backdoor Their Software
2016-02-16 The Daily Dot The woman who aims to take Tor mainstream
2016-01-22 Ars Technica Tor Project raises over $200,000 in attempt to “diversify” its funding
2016-01-21 China Digital Times Facebook makes an app that tries to bypass China's censors
2016-01-20 The Verge Facebook's Android app now lets you flip a switch to browse over Tor
2016-01-20 PC World Privacy­conscious users rejoice: Facebook's Android app now supports Tor
2016-01-19 Business Insider You can now connect to Facebook on your phone without leaving a digital trail
2016-01-18 Sky News Tor Map Reveals Network's Use Across Europe
2016-01-08 The Guardian ProPublica launches world's first major news site for dark web
2016-01-08 Salon This is the web browser you should be using if you at all about security
2016-01-07 The Daily Dot Everything you need to know about Tor
2016-01-07 Wired ProPublica Launches the Dark Web's First Major News Site
2016-01-05 The Register Tor launches invite­only exploit bug bounty
2015-12-29 MotherBoard The Tor Project Is Starting a Bug Bounty Program
2015-12-14 ZDNET Twitter says 'Why not try Tor?' after issuing first state­backed hack alert
2015-12-11 The Register (UK) Silicon Valley's Congresswoman comes to the defense of Tor
2015-12-11 BoingBoing The Tor Project has a new executive director: former EFF director Shari Steele!
2015-12-11 WIRED Tor Hires a New Leader to Help It Combat the War on Privacy
2015-12-10 MotherBoard Tor and Public Wi­Fi Safe in France, Prime Minister Says
2015-12-07 ZDNET France considers public Wi­Fi, Tor network ban in wake of terror attacks
2015-12-04 SC Magazine Top 6 influential security thinkers
2015-11-30 Fusion The attack that broke the Dark Web—and how Tor plans to fix it.
2015-11-25 The Register (UK) Tor Project: Anonymity ain't free, folks. Pony up
2015-11-16 International Journalists Network (IJNet) Five tools for journalists' online safety, privacy highlighted during Aaron Swartz Day event
2015-10-30 BBC Tor launches anti­censorship Messenger service
2015-10-30 ZDNET Tor Project launches encrypted anonymous chat app to the public
2015-10-29 WIRED Tor Just Launched the Easiest App Yet for Anonymous, Encrypted IM
2015-10-29 Tech Times With Facebook's Support, Tor Project's .Onion Domains Remain Hidden
2015-10-28 The Verge Facebook helps Tor's hidden sites get official recognition
2015-10-14 The Daily Dot Tor is getting major upgrades on iOS 9
2015-10-13 Economic Times More Indians are logging on anonymously using browsers like Tor, Freenet, I2P and Tails
2015-09-16 Motherboard 'Dissent,' a New Type of Security Tool, Could Markedly Improve Online Anonymity
2015-09-16 NPR N.H. Public Library Reconsiders Support For Anonymous Internet Network Tor
2015-09-14 Wired Mapping How Tor's Anonymity Network Spread Around the World
2015-09-12 Wired Russia Tried and Failed to Hack the Tor Browser
2015-09-11 Motherboard The US Government Pressured a Small Local Library to Turn Off Its Tor Server
2015-09-10 Propublica First Library to Support Anonymous Internet Browsing Effort Stops After DHS Email
2015-09-10 Web Host Industry Review IANA Designates .Onion as Special Use Domain to Boost Security
2015-09-10 Motherboard Internet Regulators Just Legitimized The Dark Web
2015-09-10 The Register Monsters defeated in quest to free .onion from clutches of DNS-snooping demons
2015-09-10 SiliconANGLE Tor anonymity network benefits from .onion added as special-use domain name
2015-09-10 Softpedia News Tor Gets Its Own TLD Special-Use Domain at .onion
2015-08-31 Statesman ‘Tor' is software for keeping things online anonymous
2015-08-29 Saturday Paper Tor and the Deep Web Going Mainstream
2015-08-28 SC MAGAZINE Dark website Agora closes over Tor vulnerability suspicions
2015-07-31 SC Magazine Tor Project, Library Freedom Project to establish Tor exit nodes in libraries
2015-07-24 WHYY Radio Listen to the Tor Project’s Kate Krauss talk internet privacy on WHYY’s Radio Times (starts at 13:30)
2015-07-16 Technically Philly How this West Philly activist became Tor's first director of communications
2015-07-08 Technically Philly Inside Philadelphia’s growing internet privacy community
2015-06-30 Ars Technica Crypto activists announce vision for Tor exit relay in every library
2015-06-23 The Inquirer Mozilla throws $385k at open source projects including Tor and NVDA
2015-06-18 WIRED The Dark Web as You Know It Is a Myth
2015-06-18 Liberation Tor : Mails-toi de tes oignons
2015-06-13 CNN Simple tips to avoid getting hacked
2015-04-09 Silicon Republic Interview with Runa Sandvik
2015-04-04 El Pais Hay que lograr que Internet deje de ser un medio de vigilancia masiva
2015-04-02 Motherboard Tor wants to know how to make the darknet mainstream
2015-03-26 Daily Dot Tor's great rebranding
2015-03-22 The Hill Silicon Valley Spars with Obama over Backdoor Surveillance
2015-03-18 Boston Globe In an effort to educate users, Tor animates online privacy
2015-03-16 Wall Street Journal U.S. Cloud Providers Face Backlash From China's Censors
2015-03-11 The Guardian Tor Should Not be Banned in Britain
2015-03-10 BBC Banning Tor unwise and infeasible, MPs told
2015-03-10 El Diario Proyecto Tor: cómo es la comunidad alrededor de la red que resiste a la NSA
2015-03-10 The Hill We Can't Outlaw Anonymous Web Services
2015-03-03 AFP 2.5 million Tor users can't all be criminals!
2015-01-29 The Inquirer Mozilla treats Tor Network to a hardware helping hand
2015-01-07 Inside BitCoins Developers Say Privacy Network Tor Was Not Compromised During Silk Road Takedown
2014-12-30 31C3 “State of the Onion"
2014-12-26 Engadget Band of hackers manages to take down Sony--but not Tor
2014-12-19 The Guardian How Facebook's Tor service could encourage a more open web
2014-12-17 Gizmodo Tor is Still Safe
2014-12-12 The Independent OpEd
2014-12-12 The Independent OpEd on hidden services and censorship
2014-12-12 Boing Boing Tor Project declares solidarity with harassed colleague
2014-11-20 Don't panic, Tor is still safe and Here's Why
2014-11-11 DCInno Firefox is Building an Anonymous Internet Browser With Tor
2014-11-10 Gizmodo Mozilla Is Helping Tor Get Bigger and Better
2014-10-31 The Next Web Facebook is now available on Tor for more secure browsing
2014-07-08 Tech Times NSA might tag you as extremist when you use Tor, other privacy online services
2014-07-08 Cambridge Community Television NSA Surveillance Targets Cambridge - based TOR Project
2014-07-07 Computerworld If you can about online privacy, then the NSA cares about targeting you
2014-07-03 NSA targets the privacy-conscious
2014-06-17 IT News Online How to be anonymous on the Internet: AppSec presents the latest developments of The Tor Project for anonymous communications
2014-06-15 International Business Times Iraq Crisis: Government Blocks Access to Tor Project Following Isis Insurgency
2014-06-15 Gizmodo Tor is for Everyone: Why Should You Use Tor
2014-05-25 NPR Going Dark: The Internet Behind The Internet
2014-05-13 ABC News I-Team: Understanding TOR and the dark net
2014-05-09 Vice Tor is Being Used as a Safe Haven for Victims of Cyberstalking
2014-05-07 BetaBoston As domestic abuse goes digital, shelters turn to counter-survellience with Tor
2014-05-07 BoingBoing Tor: network security for domestic abuse survivors
2014-04-29 ThinkProgress Meet the Woman Who did Everything in Her Power to Hide Her Pregnancy From Big Data
2014-04-29 Boston Magazine The Power of Ideas
2014-03-26 IT News Africa “Hidden” internet growing rapidly
2014-03-25 Westmoreland Times Masking your location on the internet with privacy tools
2014-03-24 Dozens of firms are invisibly tracking you online. Here's how to hide from them
2014-03-24 Washington Post The Switchboard: Turkey's Twitter ban gets tougher
2014-03-24 BoingBoing Turkey orders block of Twitter's IP addresses
2014-03-23 Ars Technica After DNS change fails, Turkish government steps up Twitter censorship
2014-03-23 CSO Turkey, Twitter & Censorship: VPN, Tor and more
2014-03-20 PC World Fake Tor app has been sitting on Apple's App Store for months, Tor Project says
2014-03-20 Threat Post Malicious iOS Tor Browswer in Apple App Store
2014-03-10 USA Today Four questions about Tor
2014-03-03 Computerworld The paranoid's survival guide, part 1: How to protect your personal data
2014-02-21 Lifehacker What Is Tor and Should I Use It?
2014-02-20 Are you ready to be Deep Throat?
2014-02-19 Daily Illini Security technology to help students in future careers
2014-02-19 Nature World News WildLeaks: New Service Allows Anonymous Whistleblowers to Report Wildlife Crime
2014-02-06 Help Net Security HTTPS Everywhere add-on now available for Firefox on Android
2014-02-05 OEN "HTTPS Everywhere" More secure browsing courtesy of the EFF and Tor
2014-02-04 Popular Mechanics 7 Ways to Reclaim Your Digital Privacy
2014-02-03 IBTimes Avoiding Sochi Snoopers: Using Tor, Common Sense and Nail Polish to Prevent Russian Authorities Spying on Journalists
2014-02-01 TechTarget Tor networks: Stop employees from touring the deep web
2014-01-23 BusinessWeek The Inside Story of Tor, the Best Internet Anonymity Tool the Government Ever Built
2014-01-21 Wired Russian Spy Notes Caught Snooping on Facebook Users
2014-01-17 ZDNet If Microsoft thinks old Tor clients are risky, why not Windows XP?
2014-01-15 Boise Weekly Privacy Tools: How to Safely Browse the Internet
2013-12-31 Anonymous: The Parallel Internet?
2013-12-30 Think Digit Top free PC Security Tools
2013-12-28 Wired For Tor, Publicity a Mixed Blessing
2013-12-18 SiliconANGLE Bitcoin Weekly 2013 December 18: More Chinese market upheaval, EU banking
2013-12-18 The Register Lovers of Tor can now sprinkle Bitcoins on its developers as thanks
2013-12-18 PC Pro UK Tor accepts donations in Bitcoin
2013-12-16 PBS Freedom of the Press Foundation Steps Up Encryption Efforts for Journalists
2013-12-05 Nieman Journalisim Lab Freedom of the Press Foundation wants to help build secure communication tools
2013-12-02 EFF An Open Letter Urging Universities To Encourage Conversation About Online Privacy
2013-11-26 TechRepublic Get a grip on TOR with Vidalia
2013-11-20 PBS Getting to Know Tor, the Most Popular Anonymity Tool in the World
2013-11-10 FAKTA: The Tor Project
2013-11-05 The Guardian What is Tor? A beginner's guide to the privacy tool
2013-10-25 MIT Technology Review Anonymity Network Tor Needs a Tune-up to Protect Users from Surveillance
2013-10-23 Tom's Guide What Is Tor? Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
2013-10-18 Forbes Taking Stock Of Tor: Top 5 Tips For Using The Onion Router
2013-10-10 VentureBeat TorSearch launches to be the Google of the hidden Internet
2013-10-08 NetworkComputing NSA Battles Tor: 9 Facts
2013-10-08 The Next Web What is Tor and why does it matter?
2013-10-07 Infosecurity How Does Law Enforcement 'Subvert' Tor?
2013-10-07 Ars Technica How the NSA might use Hotmail, Yahoo or other cookies to identify Tor users
2013-10-04 The Guardian Attacking Tor: how the NSA targets users' online anonymity
2013-10-04 TIME Docs Reveal NSA Campaign Against Anonymous Tor Network
2013-10-04 Washington Post Everything you need to know about the NSA and Tor in one FAQ
2013-10-04 ITProPortal NSA and GCHQ repeatedly tried to infiltrate Tor, documents reveal
2013-10-04 Ars Technica NSA repeatedly tries to unpeel Tor anonymity and spy on users, memos show
2013-10-04 CNET NSA sought to unmask users of Net-privacy tool Tor, says report
2013-10-04 Computerworld Report: NSA has little success cracking Tor
2013-10-04 eWeek Snowden Leaks Show NSA Targets Tor
2013-10-04 InfoWorld The Tor teardown, brought to you by goats, giraffes, and Thor's hammer
2013-09-16 InformationWeek FBI Admits To Tor Server Takeover
2013-09-16 Techworld Mevade botnet miscalculated effect on Tor network, says Damballa
2013-09-14 Gizmodo FBI Admits To Hacking Into The Tor Network
2013-09-13 Wired FBI Admits It Controlled Tor Servers Behind Mass Malware Attack
2013-09-11 Tom's Guide Is Tor's Anonymous Internet Still Secure?
2013-09-11 Infosecurity Massive Botnet is Behind Tor Usage Spike
2013-09-11 MIT Technology Review Security Flaw Shows Tor Anonymity Network Dominated by Botnet Command and Control Traffic
2013-09-09 Silicon Tor Network Spike Caused By Botnet
2013-09-05 Gizmodo The Anonymous Internet Is Under Attack
2013-09-04 Is Tor right for you?
2013-09-03 PC Advisor Tor traffic doubles in a week to reach highest ever level
2013-08-29 RT Tor anonymity network membership has doubled since NSA leak
2013-08-06 ZDNet Tor users advised to 'switch away from Windows' after malware attack
2013-08-06 BBC Users of hidden net advised to ditch Windows
2013-08-05 Wired Feds Are Suspects in New Malware That Attacks Tor Anonymity
2013-08-05 Naked Security Freedom Hosting arrest and takedown linked to Tor privacy compromise
2013-08-05 NBC How anonymous? Tor users compromised in child porn takedown
2013-07-18 Huffington Post Meet Tor, The Military-Made Privacy Network That Counts Edward Snowden As A Fan
2013-07-18 Gizmodo The Technology You Need to Protect Against Mass Surveillance
2013-07-01 Slice of MIT After PRISM, Is Too Much Anonymity Possible?
2013-06-28 Mercury News How to increase your online privacy
2013-06-26 Surf Without Surveillance: Tor's Karen Reilly
2013-06-22 TribLIVE Hidden Web Tor helps average users and criminals avoid government snooping
2013-06-22 TribLIVE Protesters, criminals get around government censors using secret Web network
2013-06-21 Fast Company NSA cramping your style? Use these easy encryption solutions
2013-06-19 Help Net Security Facebook once again accessible via Tor
2013-06-18 Silicon.Co Facebook Blocks Tor Users After Heavy Malicious Activity
2013-06-18 The Register Tor users locked out of Facebook after wave of dodgy traffic
2013-06-14 The Salt Lake Tribune Ideas for keeping your data safe from spying
2013-06-13 Boston Globe How to keep data away from prying eyes
2013-06-12 Washington Post Secrecy-focused Web services find a mainstream audience
2013-06-11 Reflex (Czech) Privacy on the Internet already exists. But there's still Tor
2013-06-10 Washington Post Five ways to stop the NSA from spying on you
2013-06-08 ZDNet Ask a hacker: Top four anti-surveillance apps
2013-06-08 The Hindu Cryptography as a means to counter Internet censorship
2013-04-23 The Verge World Wide [Redacted]: inside Iran's private internet
2012-12-17 Wall Street Journal Tor: An Anonymous, And Controversial, Way to Web-Surf
2012-12-01 Foreign Policy The FP Top 100 Global Thinkers
2012-11-18 WOUB Conversations from Studio B: The Future of Cybersecurity
2012-10-01 Delta Airlines Sky Magazine Hidden in Plain Sight
2012-09-20 EFF EFF Pioneer Awards 2012
2012-09-19 infoBAE Proyecto Tor: comunicaciones en la web 100% anónimas y seguras
2012-09-01 Forskning & Framsteg Svenskt bistånd hjälper hackare att lura nätcensuren
2012-08-24 Tor gaat naar Facebook ondanks privacyrisico
2012-07-19 Philadelphia Inquirer Tech Life: Fostering anonymity online
2012-07-13 NATO Social Media and Online Anonymity during the Arab Spring
2012-06-19 Nieman Journalism Lab The Tor Project helps journalists and whistleblowers go online without leaving a
2012-06-18 Knight Foundation Knight Foundation funds project to protect journalists and their sources worldwide by providing them with a toolkit to preserve their anonymity
2012-06-18 Poynter Knight News Challenge funds 6 projects focused on networks
2012-06-18 Poynter News Challenge funds 6 projects focused on networks
2012-06-15 BBC Ethiopia clamps down on Skype and other internet use on Tor
2012-04-30 Forbes The Tor Project's New Tool Aims To Map Out Internet Censorship
2012-04-20 The Guardian Hacktivists in the frontline battle for the internet
2012-04-19 The Guardian Online identity: is authenticity or anonymity more important?
2012-04-03 V3 Swedish researchers uncover key to China's Tor-blocking system
2012-04-02 The Guardian Internet companies warn over government email surveillance plans
2012-03-22 Reuters Special Report: Chinese firm helps Iran spy on citizens
2012-03-08 Boston Globe Privacy software. Unintended consequences of Walpole firm's technology.
2012-03-02 Ars Technica Google's new privacy policy: what has changed and what you can do about
2012-03-01 Edmonton Journal Get your privacy on with Tor
2012-02-28 PC World HTTPS Everywhere Update: Now Reports Website Weaknesses
2012-02-27 GigaOM Activists vow to defeat Iran's Internet censorship
2012-02-15 Le Monde Un nouvel outil contre la cybercensure testé en Iran
2012-02-13 IDG NL webwereld Iraanse overheid frustreert https-verkeer
2012-02-13 Ars Technica Tor's latest project helps Iran get back online despite new Internet censorship regime
2012-02-13 Radio Farda «تور» با پروژه‌ای جدید به جنگ فیلترینگ در ایران می‌رود "
2012-02-11 ITP Iran increases web censorship
2012-02-10 Forbes As Iran Cracks Down Online, Tor Tests Undetectable Encrypted Connections
2012-02-10 Linkiesta Contro i dissidenti in Internet, la guerra in Iran è già iniziata
2012-02-10 CNet News Tor anonymity project looks to help Iranians sidestep Net ban
2012-01-24 PC Welt HTTPS Everywhere in neuer Version
2012-01-24 PC Pro UK O2 plays down accusations of Tor censorship
2012-01-24 Broadband Choice UK ORG says mobile broadband providers are blocking Tor
2011-12-30 BNR Digital Hoe censuurbestrijder Tor wordt gecensureerd [video]
2011-12-30 Deutsche Welle Mit dem Zensor Katz-und-Maus spielen
2011-12-29 Boing Boing State of the arms race between repressive governments and anti-censorship/surveillance Tor technology (and why American companies are on the repressive governments' side)
2011-12-28 ZDNet Tor Project creates safer Internet
2011-12-01 Convenience technology threatening personal privacy, experts say
2011-11-23 IT Security Belgium Tor Project is tapping Amazon's EC2 cloud service
2011-11-22 Boing Boing Tor project asks supporters to set up virtual Tor bridges in Amazon's cloud
2011-11-21 Spiegel Online Chinas Internet-Zensoren testen neue Filter
2011-11-20 China Digital Times Government Blocks Encrypted Tunnels Through Great Firewall; Fang Binxing Talks Internet Sovereignty
2011-11-18 Dagens IT Tetter hullene i den kinesiske internett-muren
2011-11-16 Forbes China's Great Firewall Tests Mysterious Scans On Encrypted Connections
2011-11-15 Ars Technica Tor launches do-it-yourself privacy bridge in Amazon cloud
2011-08-28 The Tor Project new stable release
2011-08-22 VOA News: Asia Some Chinese Surf Freely, for Now
2011-08-01 Peace & Conflict Review Tor, Anonymity, and the Arab Spring: An Interview with Jacob Appelbaum
2011-06-18 CNN: Tech Starting a revolution with technology
2011-06-12 CNN: Tech Wiping away whistle-blowers' online fingerprints
2011-05-14 BBC: Click Andrew and Dr. Angela Sasse from UCL were interviewed by the BBC Click program about why Internet Anonymity is important and valuable in a modern, networked society.
2011-03-29 CNN: Situation Room Tor featured in a segment about US companies providing censorship to repressive regimes and those circumventing their products.
2011-03-18 Telegraph Iran cracks down on web dissident technology
2011-03-17 Bloomberg Social Networking: Fighting to Remain Anonymous
2011-03-10 NyTeknik Svenska biståndspengar till Facebookrevolutionen
2011-03-09 Washington Post U.S. funding tech firms that help Mideast dissidents evade government censors
2011-02-17 Walpole Times Tor Project, a Walpole-based company, helps Egyptians avoid Internet
2011-02-01 Seeker Egypt's Internet Block Incomplete But Damaging
2011-01-31 IDG Poland Egipt blokuje Internet, aktywiści szukają alternatyw
2011-01-31 New Scientist How Egypt is getting online
2011-01-31 El Pais Sortear la censura a golpe de fax
2011-01-31 NPR: WBUR U.S. Activists Help Egyptians Elude Online Censorship
2011-01-30 Boston Globe Foreign activists stay covered online
2011-01-30 Fox 25 News - Boston Local company helps give Egyptians internet access
2011-01-30 New England Cable News Mass. company helps activists avoid online government censorship
2011-01-29 Tor öppnar dörrar för nätdissidenter
2011-01-29 ComputerWorld Without Internet, Egyptians find new ways to get online.
2011-01-28 Globe and Mail In a span of minutes, a country goes offline
2010-12-22 Technology Review Home Internet with Anonymity Built In
2010-12-17 New York Times Magazine Granting Anonymity
2010-11-03 metro sverige Sida hjälper utsatta bli anonyma på nätet
2010-09-17 WNYCStudios On the Media - After Haystack: Speech and Privacy Online
2010-09-16 The Tor Project Ten Things to Look for in a Circumvention Tool
2010-08-01 PC Format - Poland Google and Facebook are spying on us
2010-07-14 China Rights Forum China Rights Forum, No. 2 - “China's Internet”: Staking Digital Ground
2010-07-09 China Rights Forum Introduction: “China's Internet”: Staking Digital Ground
2010-05-25 The Australian Call to join Tor network to fight censorship
2010-03-25 The Tor Project Announcing the Tor Store
2010-03-17 PC World Poland Anonymity in the Web
2010-03-11 ABC Australia Future Tense: The Deep Web
2010-03-09 PC Pro UK The dark side of the web
2009-12-29 Times Online When Iran's regime falls this will be remembered as the YouTube revolution
2009-10-15 Technology Review China Cracks Down on Tor Anonymity Network
2009-09-30 BusinessWeek China's Online Censors Work Overtime
2009-08-19 Reuters Web tools help protect human rights activists
2009-08-10 Technology Review How to Build Anonymity Into the Internet
2009-07-26 Washington Times Senate OKs funds to thwart Iran Web censors
2009-07-26 Boston Globe US set to hike aid aimed at Iranians
2009-07-24 Associated Press Iran activists work to elude crackdown on Internet
2009-07-08 Tehran Bureau Geeks Around the Globe Rally to Help Iranians Online
2009-07-02 NED/CIMA The Role of New Media in the Iranian Elections
2009-06-29 EFF Help Protesters in Iran: Run a Tor Bridge or a Tor Relay
2009-06-26 Washington Times Iranian protesters avoid censorship with Navy technology
2009-06-24 AOL Nokia and Siemens in Iran controversy
2009-06-19 O'Reilly Radar Dramatic Increase in Number of Tor Clients from Iran: Interview with Tor Project and the EFF
2009-06-18 Deutsche Welle Internet proxies let Iranians and others connect to blocked Web sites
2009-06-18 Wall Street Journal Iranians Using Tor to Anonymize Web Use
2009-06-18 Technology Review The Web vs. the Republic of Iran
2009-06-17 ComputerWorld Iran's leaders fight Internet; Internet wins (so far)
2009-06-17 CNet News Iranians find ways to bypass Net censors
2009-05-29 Le Monde Les censeurs du Net
2009-05-15 Mass High Tech Tor tackles Net privacy
2009-05-01 New York Times Iranians and Others Outwit Net Censors
2009-04-23 Technology Review Dissent Made Safer: How anonymity technology could save free speech on the Internet.
2009-04-22 Le Monde Comment contourner la cybersurveillance ?
2009-04-06 Al Jazeera Global Village Voices showcases Tor
2009-04-06 Reader's Digest How to Hide Anything
2009-03-18 Marie Claire How to Manage Your Web Footprint
2009-03-13 Wall Street Journal The Kindness of Strangers
2009-03-12 The Tor Project performance roadmap
2009-03-12 BBC World Service Steven J Murdoch interviewed about Tor and Censorship
2009-03-03 Orf Austria Onion-Router bringt Überwacher zum Weinen
2009-02-18 Bangkok Post The old fake "404 not found" routine
2009-02-13 Hearsay Culture Hearsay Culture Radio Interview/Podcast
2008-12-29 Anoniem browsen voor gsm in de maak
2008-12-19 The Tor Project development roadmap
2008-11-17 PC Magazine: Middle & Near East How To Reclaim Your Online Privacy
2008-08-22 The Sydney Morning Herald The China Syndrome
2008-08-21 CNN Experts: Internet filtering and censorship rife
2008-08-20 Scientific American Cryptography: How to Keep Your Secrets Safe
2008-08-10 Tech Radar UK Freedom Stick highlights Chinese 'net censorship: USB drive promises anonymous surfing for the paranoid
2008-08-07 PC World 15 Great, Free Privacy Downloads
2008-08-07 The Guardian UK Chaos aims to crack China's wall
2008-08-07 The Register UK German hackers poke hole in great firewall of China
2008-08-07 Spiegel Tricks gegen Zensur und Überwachung
2008-08-05 Guardian UK Vaulting the great firewall
2008-05-24 Groupo Estado Interview at Computers, Freedom, and Privacy 2008 Conference
2008-03-12 Tor network 'bridges' help evade blockers
2008-02-14 Wired: Compiler Blog How To: Set Up Anonymous Browsing in 30 Seconds or Less
2008-02-01 PC World Hackers Can Expose Masked Surfers, Study Says
2007-09-21 Wired HowTo Blog Be a Whistleblower
2007-09-17 Cnet Tor anonymity server admin arrested
2007-09-10 Wired Rogue Nodes Turn Tor Anonymizer Into Eavesdropper's Paradise
2007-07-27 Wired Blog Cyber Jihadists Embrace Tor
2007-06-22 Bangkok Post The problems with censorship
2007-03-15 World Changing Blogging Where Speech Isn't Free
2007-03-08 Security Focus Tor hack proposed to catch criminals
2007-02-01 Dr Dobb's Tor Project Protects Anonymous Sources
2006-10-19 Wired Threat Level The Onion Router (TOR) is Leaky (Leeky)
2006-08-18 NPR Tips for Protecting Privacy Online
2006-07-05 MSNBC Defending liberties in high-tech world
2006-04-11 PBS Frontline Chipping Away at China's Great Firewall
2006-02-28 PC World Outsmarting the Online Privacy Snoops
2006-02-27 Forbes Cracks In the Wall
2006-02-27 Forbes Cracks In the Wall. Discussion of Tor being used for evading censorship by repressive governments.
2006-02-20 The Boston Globe Beating censorship on the Internet
2006-02-15 CBS Evening News Cracking The 'Great Firewall Of China'
2006-02-15 Punto Informatico TOR c'è
2006-02-15 Network Secure Tor: Anonymisierungswerkzeug entwickelt
2006-02-13 Wall Street Journal Chinese Censors Of Internet Face 'Hacktivists' in U.S.
2006-01-31 Technology Review Evading the Google Eye
2006-01-29 New York Times How to Outwit the World's Internet Censors
2006-01-27 Fox News/eWeek Web Anonymizers Suddenly Get Very Popular
2006-01-25 New York Times Privacy for People Who Don't Show Their Navels
2006-01-23 NPR Talk of the Nation Search Engines and Privacy Rights on the Web
2006-01-20 NPR Google Records Subpoena Raises Privacy Fears
2006-01-20 Wired How to Foil Search Engine Snoops
2005-09-30 Viva o Linux TOR: A Internet sem rastreabilidade
2005-08-06 EurekAlert! Why we all need pornography
2005-07-12 IEEE Computer Society's Technical Committee on Security and Privacy Onion routing application Tor makes PCWorld's top
2005-06-22 The Unofficial Apple Blog Privacy Watch: Tor
2005-06-10 The New Zealand Herald China's internet censorship stranglehold can't last
2005-06-08 American Public Radio An Internet privacy tool called "Tor"
2005-06-01 Linux Weekly News A Look at The Onion
2005-06-01 PC World The 100 Best Products of 2005
2005-05-22 Slashdot Tor Anonymity Network Reaches 100 Verified Nodes
2005-05-20 Tor - мощный анонимайзер для всех ОС
2005-05-19 WebPlanet Tor: распределенная система анонимного серфинга
2005-05-17 XBiz Navy Project Allows Anonymous
2005-05-17 Wired Tor Torches Online Tracking
2005-04-13 Heise online CFP: Vom kafkaesken Schwinden der Anonymität
2005-04-05 Libero Anonimato on line, ecco Tor
2005-03-31 Securing your online privacy with Tor
2005-01-04 Internetnews EFF Throws Support to 'Anonymous' Internet Project
2004-12-27 BoingBoing EFF helping produce anonymizing software
2004-12-23 EFF unterstützt Anonymisierer Tor
2004-12-23 SuicideGirls New Routing Software Allows Anonymous Internet Use
2004-12-22 Slashdot EFF Promotes Freenet-like System Tor
2004-12-21 EFF EFF Joins Forces with Tor Software Project
2004-12-18 P2Pnet EFF to sponsor Tor
2004-11-16 AlterNet Heavy Traffic
2004-08-30 Newsweek Technology: Instant Security
2004-08-16 Eweek Don't Fear Internet Anonymity Tools
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2004-03-08 CNET Japan blog Yearning of hackers and insecurity
1999-04-13 Wired Anonymous Web Surfing? Uh-Uh