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2018-07-09 Tech Republic Top 5: Ways to protect your privacy
2018-07-02 Mada Masr Report: Internet censorship has become a "more pervasive" in past year
2018-06-28 CNET Brave advances browser privacy with Tor-powered tabs
2018-06-27 ZDNet Venezuela ramps up censorship
2018-06-26 VICE Venezuela just took a huge step towards controlling all access to the Internet
2018-06-18 FossBytes Tor Browser 8.0 arrives with new user onboarding
2018-05-30 ZDNet Technology that changed us: The 2000s, from iPhone to Twitter
2018-05-10 CBC When governments censor websites and block messaging apps like Telegram, here's where to turn for proof
2018-05-08 Techreen Tor Project will transfer to Azure to continue offering domain fronting
2018-05-07 TechRadar How to become anonymous online
2018-05-04 Dark Web news New Tor Project Executive Director
2018-04-20 TechDirt Tools Evading Internet Censorship Regimes
2018-04-19 Version2 Dansk Tor-udvikler: SÌ´dan vil vi gÌüre det lettere at vÌ_re anonym pÌ´ mobilen
2018-04-13 Le Mondes Comment Facebook piste les internautes qui ne sont pas sur le réseau social
2018-04-02 Digital Trends Raise your voice for a good cause
2018-03-19 Mozilla Welcoming 11 New Partners in the Quest for Internet Health
2018-03-15 Tom's Hardware Turkey Blocks ProtonMail E2E Encrypted Email Service
2018-03-13 The Daily Dot The slow creep of internet shutdowns
2018-02-22 The Verge Tor director Shari Steele steps down
2018-02-22 CyberScoop Tor executive director Shari Steele to step down
2018-02-03 WIRED Tor could be the answer to safer connected sex
2018-01-25 International Business Times Tor Browser 7.5 Update Released: What's New?
2018-01-24 Tom's Hardware Tor Browser 7.5 Launches With Support For Next-Gen Onion Services
2018-01-02 Sky News Iranian web crackdown drives surge in privacy technology
2018-01-02 Sky News The number of Iranians using Tor has surged to over 10,000