Board of Directors

Caspar Bowden

An independent advocate for information self-determination rights, and public understanding of privacy research in computer science. He is a specialist in data protection policy, EU and US surveillance law, PET research, identity management, and information ethics and philosophy.

Nick Mathewson
Vice-President and Director

Nick is one of the original developers of Tor. He's the Chief Architect of The Tor Project, Inc.

Roger Dingledine
President, Director, Interim Executive Director

Original developer of Tor along with Nick Mathewson and Paul Syverson. Leading researcher in the anonymous communications field. Frequent speaker at conferences to advocate Tor and explain what Tor is and can do. Helps coordinate academic researchers.

Julius Mittenzwei

Germany-based lawyer and Internet activist.

Ian Goldberg
Chairman of the Board

Cryptographer, privacy expert, and professor; one of the designers of Off-the-Record Messaging.

Wendy Seltzer
Clerk and Director

Lawyer, cyberlaw professor, and founder of

Meredith Hoban-Dunn
Treasurer and Audit Committee Chair

Meredith is an accomplished accountant, advisor, and banker. Her role is to help us make sure we're able to pass our corporate audits correctly, watch for internal fraud, tell us when we're doing things in a non-standard way, and so on.

Rabbi Rob Thomas

Rob is CEO and founder of Team Cymru, and a Cymru Fellow. You can learn more about Rob at the Team Cymru websites.